sejenak tertegun melihat layar laptopku

fotomu masih disana, tersenyum di sampingku

dengan mata turun karena kita sedikit tipsy

but now seeing it, my heart aching like a shit


I used to be proud of every step you take

some people said that I love you like a real baby

cuz everywhere I go, I tell people about yourself

and proudly say to them, “Yes, that’s my fokkin boy


but now, it’s all ended we crashed back to zero

now every song I heard, they sound so fokkin mellow

been days I woke up with my eyes got swollen

trying hard to think how to live without my baby


I’m scared enough to see you with another shorty

yet too coward to keep on holding your hand

people telling me it’s true when it hurts

but middle finger in the air ja fok julle naaiers

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